Compact Technologies with Impressive Performance
Small cars require special technologies. At Daihatsu, our goal is to achieve compactness without reducing factors such as comfort, convenience, and environmental performance. Above all, we want to assure the highest levels of safety possible.
That's why we take extreme care in how we make our vehicles compact. Here, we introduce a few of the advanced technologies Daihatsu uses to produce cars that are both small in size and big in performance.
Daihatsu accepts no compromise when it comes to safety. Due to their size, small cars need to offer higher levels of both preventative and collision safety.
Daihatsu research continues to refine our class-leading, high-performance engines and develop new ones, making them even more powerful, more fuel-efficient, and more environment-friendly.
Daihatsu is energetically working today to develop ITS technologies for tomorrow's cars. By pursuing new ideas and technologies, we're aiming to make small cars that will be easier to use and more comfortable for drivers of the future.