Toyota RUSH and Daihatsu TERIOS - " Is it the same or different "

Many inquire for differences / similarities between Toyota Rush and Daihatsu Terios.

Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation and the compact car strategist of TMC. They offer the same product in different names in differed markets. You may see the same in Toyota and Lexus brands too. It’s not the same spec or standards they maintain for all the markets. When Toyota export they have to confirm compliancy for various regions meeting regulations and safeguarding there overseas reputation. As example meeting EuroNCAP rating is very costly (Terios has prestigious 4 star rating) but in the Japan home market they don’t need to spend so much to be protected or rated.

RUSH or BE-GO is made to Japanese domestic standard and perfect environment and usage conditions but the TERIOS is made to meet with tougher and severe export conditions. We send the manufacturer a report compiling the environment, road and usage condition with pictures. This even includes the frequency of humps, rough roads, fuel samples, overloading conditions, usage periods etc etc. Once the manufacturer satisfies that the product withstands these conditions only they permit export from Japan. (These are the basic standard of Toyota group and other may vary). We in Sri Lanka cannot get a product made to our standards due to inconsiderable volumes hence share the production with similar regions. Ours been classified as severe condition and hot area so the products exported to Sri Lanka need to severe usage and hot area package.

One may argue domestic vehicles imported here years ago still run well but why not now. True. The conditions there and here were not much differed early. But they improved rapidly and developed cars to meet stringent environment regulations and with complicated electronics. While Japan aim recycling after few years we still aim extended usage.

Though products are from the same manufacturer we list key spec and feature differences comparing in the local context.

Design You will be buying the Brand-new - 2010 Older design - many changes in ext - int
Compliancy With rough road and hot area pack and for extended usage Complies to Japanese perfect roads and limited usage
Fuel system 90 octane is fine Requires higher than 95 Octane – Not available
Power Steering Hydraulic – Highly durable and less repairs Electric – Smoother but not last in our roads leading to costly and frequent repairs
Drive Train 4WD – Highly advantageous in daily highway driving and offer luxury of being to wild too 2WD – Only you get the higher elevation and not super handling, safety and utility of a 4WD
Air Conditioner With hot area compliancy Standard AC
Warranty 2 Year 50,000K comprehensive warranty Nothing
Features Steel Roof Rails, leather & Multi F Steer Retract M. Navi;TV NO use or maybe troublesome
Ignition/ Starting sys; With a reliable and serviceable ignition key Unserviceable keyless or smart key ignition
Tires Dunlop Grand Trek – M&S TOYO Tranpath – A highway standard tire
History Its brand new, You will not know until you find a problem
Price Only a marginal difference Small difference cannot be justified at all
Resale Value We guarantee that you get the best No assurance or value addition

Few RUSH users exchanged their vehicle with us for a new TERIOS and experiencing the difference.
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